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Making Your Next Move Memorable

Marketing is like a game of chess. It takes time, strategy and well thought out planning before making any move. At White Knight, we believe that every marketing move our clients make should be strategic, memorable and backed by professional marketing materials leaving a lasting impression for years to come.

Our VISION is to come alongside our clients and assist, guide and support their ideas and to become their “white knight” in helping to build their business. We want to provide our clients unforgettable service, creative marketing and design concepts and timely printed materials all at affordable prices.

Our MISSION is not to be the largest, but the most creative and unique marketing company that is always relevant and leaves lasting impressions through our products and services.


It All Started In The Title Industry

Christopher J. Muff


Jared J. Dostal

Our story started a little over 18 years ago where both Jared and I found ourselves working in the title industry. We both worked in customer service, marketing, design, and print together. We were helping real estate agents grow their business through coaching, keeping in touch with their clients, and building lasting relationships.  Through working together we discovered what worked for agents and what did not—what helped build relationships and what caused them to fade away.

Over the course of 17 years we have 
discovered that need still exists today. No other company seems to be walking alongside their clients coaching and providing marketing strategies, affordable design and high quality printed materials all in a timely manner. Our passion and the unique need for all these services housed together under one roof is why White Knight Marketing, Design & Print was founded.

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